Pigs in the barn

Our Pigs

Our pigs are rotated on our Vermont Pastures, and fed non-GMO grains for slow, natural, and healthy growth.

We love our pigs and they are just as important to Monti Verdi as any of the human team. While many producers rave about the rare and unique ingredients in their products, our meats’ most vital ingredient is in fact one of the rarest: happy pigs. Imagine that?

Our pigs are wildly happy because they are given exceptional love and care from the moment they are born until the moment they depart. No filthy styes or cramped compartments, our pigs are given room to move and root around for their favorite foods: red clover, bluegrass, winter rye, and alfalfa.

We are very careful about their diet, and focus on a slow and natural growth rather than running a race to have them meet market weight too quickly. Our pigs spend between 10 to 13 months with us, compared to the typical 6 to 7 months.

We rotate their paddocks so they have grass to lie on, as well as places to stay warm and safe. We plant nuts and fruit trees in there so they can have shelter and food the way nature intended. Most importantly, we talk to them and know them—many even by name—because they are our responsibility and our livelihood.

Food & Farm Facts

People may think pigs are the smartest farm animal, but our chickens can outsmart some of our pigs!