our people

Our people

At Monti Verdi most people wear two hats, we are all involved in the farming (at Agricola Farm) and in the processing (Monti Verdi) of the products. This allows us to have a closer connection with our products throughout all the steps of the process.

Stefano Pinna

Stefano Pinna

Co-Owner - Head of Sales

I’m Stefano, or Steo (“STAY-oh”), and I’ve been here working with Ale since 2015. I am from Northern Italy, Torino (Turin) to be exact, and came to Vermont after completing my studies in agricultural sciences focused on helping farms move toward more sustainable practices. I was interested in learning more about farming in the U.S., but never imagined I would end up at this small farm where I fell in love—with the land, with the animals, and with Ale. My main driving forces are improving soil health and my commitment to animal welfare. These two goals, along with my inherent Italian stubbornness and bluntness, make for the perfect environment for lively exchanges about doing well and doing good by doing right.

Alessandra Rellini

Alessandra Rellini

Co-Owner - Head of Production

I’m Alessandra, but most people call me Ale (pronounced “AH-lay”) and I am not afraid to say that I am more than a little bit wild about food. I don’t just mean the flavors and textures, but the means by which it makes its way from farm to plate. I come from Lake Como in Northern Italy, where I was taught that nature was all around us and was to be respected. I started this farm over 10 years ago to produce the cured meats (salumi) of my youth in a way that was filled with actual love for the animals and land from which it comes. Although we have ducks, sheep and other animals on the farm, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for pigs. This is why we’re now raising well over 100 pigs and have no time to do anything else.

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Josh Glosser

Senior Butcher

I’m Josh and I’ve been a butcher here at the farm for a little while now. I studied engineering for a number of years, but I recognized that focusing on math and working almost exclusively behind a computer was not going to work for me. The best part of my day was cooking, so I started studying culinary arts at NECI in Montpelier. The more I learned about food, the more I wanted to understand about where our meat comes from and so, here I am. I didn’t set out to learn about sustainable and ethical farming, but once I saw the way that Ale and Steo saw the farm as a system, it all just made sense to me that it was the right way to do things. It’s about benefit for the animals, the community, and the planet.

Genevieve Gorjance

Apprentice butcher

Genevieve Gorjance (Gigi) is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and has been farming in Vermont since 2016. She joined the Monti Verdi team in 2021. When not talking to sheep or making salami, she enjoys music, fiber arts, and quality time with her cat.

Agricola Farm Assistants Program

Our goal is to help grow new farmers that are knowledgeable in the overall management of a diversified farm focused on the improvement of soil and the use of sustainable farming practices.

Open Position

Community Farm Staff

WHAT IS THIS? This is a new position developed to involve people in our community. Maybe you do not have the time to commit to part time or full time farming but would like to help at the farm anyway and would like to be involved in the raising and preparation of the food you eat. We have 1 (maybe 2) positions open for people that want to work a couple of hours in the mornings or evenings (mornings preferred) for few days (ideally 3 days) per week. This position does not offer housing. Benefit includes a small wage, and credit to purchase any of our farm products (meat, pasta, bread and eggs) at wholesale price. Requirements include:

  • able to lift and carry 50Lb weights
  • know how to drive shift stick (or willing to learn)
  • comfortable working with animals
  • feel strongly about animal welfare and the preservation of natural resources
  • dependable and trustworthy

Thanks for considering our farm as a step for your future in the world of farming and agriculture. Please read carefully the information on this page and apply via email.

We check 3 references. Position open until it is filled. Please email alerellini@gmail.com